Lesser Lord Kusanali, also known by the name Nahida, is the young Dendro Archon who garners little respect in Sumeru but has demonstrated a powerful ability to control people’s consciousness. Players have met her in the Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter III: Act II – The Morn a Thousand Roses Bring, but she has yet to be released as a playable character. The Genshin Impact Version 3.1 Livestream confirmed that Nahida won’t be released in the upcoming desert update, but leakers allege that she may come in Version 3.2.

Since the Version 3.2 beta has begun, leaker @hxg_diluc has been posting what could possibly be snippets of Nahida’s kit. According to the information, Lesser Lord Kusanali may be a support character with a potentially similar kit to the Dendro Traveler. They compared the two as an iPhone 14 and iPhone 6, respectively, which could mean that Kusanali’s kit is a direct upgrader to the Traveler’s.

According to @hxg_diluc, Kusanali can apply Dendro seamlessly—possibly alluding to a 100 percent uptime. Additionally, they mentioned that the Traveler and Kusanali’s Elemental Burst Skills are particularly similar. The Traveler can summon a Lea Lotus Flower that provides different buffs when combined with Elements, and Kusanali can allegedly do the same. There are currently no reputable leaked kits for Lesser Lord Kusanali, but brave leakers could possibly reveal them in the next few weeks if the information is readily-accessible in the Version 3.2 beta.

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