When playing League of Legends, having a skin for your character feels like a rite of passage. One of the first things players do when discovering their new favorite champion is buying a skin for them. However, buying full-price skins can break the bank, so it can be wise to wait for a sale. Each Monday at 12pm PT, 15 random skins and 5 champions go on sale for a week, resetting the next Monday. Here are all discounted items for the week of August 22, 2022.

League of Legends Weekly Skin Sale

Rageborn MundoDr. Mundo390 RP-60%
Crystal Rose SwainSwain877 RP-35%
Aviator IreliaIrelia260 RP-50%
True Damage SennaSenna944 RP-30%
Creator ViktorViktor607 RP-55%
Blood Moon YasuoYasuo487 RP-50%
Gladiator DravenDraven487 RP-50%
Apocalyptic BrandBrand300 RP-60%
Hyena WarwickWarwick438 RP-55%
Blood Moon SivirSivir607 RP-55%
Dragonslayer PantheonPantheon877 RP-35%
Admiral GlascRenata Glasc975 RP-27%
Super TeemoTeemo390 RP-60%
Thunder Lord VolibearVolibear338 RP-35%
Crystal Rose JannaJanna975 RP-27%

League of Legends Weekly Champion Sale

Shen316 RP-60%
Aatrox395 RP-55%
Vayne395 RP-55%
Zoe487 RP-50%
Lillia487 RP-50%

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