In Elden Ring, Lakeside Crystal Cave can be found in the second major region that players will likely explore, Liurnia. The cave itself can be found easily by fast traveling (or finding) the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. From the Site, players should travel north along the western cliff face until they find the entrance to the cave.

The cave’s entrance can be pretty tricky to spot, but the path to get there is not a difficult one to traverse. From the map image below, it may appear that the cave is on the plateau above Liurnia Lake, but the entrance itself is on the lower section. This means players should avoid any of the updrafts that can carry them to high elevations when traveling to the cave.

What is inside the Lakeside Crystal Cave?

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When players travel inside the Lakeside Crystal Cave, they will find a few things but most notable the NPC named Latenna. Letanna is a quest NPC and will only be found after completing the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon.

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After speaking to this NPC, she will offer to join the player, becoming a Spirit Ash called Latenna the Albinauric.

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