The Kirby and the Forgotten Lands demo is out now and with it is the reveal of two difficulty Modes for the game. The two Modes are Spring-Breeze Mode and Wild Mode. These are the only two Modes available in the demo, and it is unknown if there will be more Modes in the game once the title is fully released. Players can select which Mode at the beginning of every stage.

Spring-Breeze Mode

Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

Spring-Breeze Mode is the more typical Kirby experience. Kirby games are known for being very easy, rarely offering any real challenge or difficulty to players. Spring-Breeze Mode has Kirby with more health, and enemies are less aggressive compared to Wild Mode. According to the game, this Mode is perfect for those new to action games.

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Spring-Breeze Mode is also a great option for players who simply want to experience the game with very few obstacles. It’s also the ideal Mode for small children to try out.

Wild Mode

Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

Wild Mode is the Forgotten Land’s version of “Hard Mode.” Players will receive more Star Coins than Spring-Breeze Mode, but Kirby will have less health, and enemies will be more difficult to take down.

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Even though Wild Mode is the more difficult version of the two Modes available, it doesn’t make Forgotten Land super challenging. At the end of the day, the game is still a Kirby game, so it will always be a fairly easy game to beat. Wild Mode is probably the perfect option for players who have some experience with Kirby games.

The release date for Kirby and the Forgotten Land is March 25. For more info on the game, keep reading on Pro Game Guides.

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