Kingdom Hearts 1 (or 1.5 as it is now known) is a brilliant game, but it can also be deceptively hard. Some sections in the different worlds are not as easy to find as you would think, and so needing a little help is understandable. Here’s what to do when you reach Traverse Town.

After being introduced to the Heartless on Destiny Island, Sora will end up in Traverse Town. After being awoken by Pluto in an alley, you will start exploring the town to progress the story.

Traverse Town

First District

There are three districts within Traverse Town which you will venture through. When you awake, you will be in the First District. Head to the center of town and go up the steps that face the main gate. To the left, you will find the Item Shop.

Head inside and sell your Pretty Stone to get some munny. Then, aim at the ceiling fan above and hit it to obtain a Postcard. Leave the Item Shop, head back down the stairs to the Mailbox, and post the card to gain a Cottage in return.

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After, head back up the stairs and enter the Accessories Shop, where you will find Cid behind the counter. Talk to him to gain some background information and key details about Traverse Town. While in the shop, make sure to jump up on the shelf to open the chest containing another Mythril Shard.

There is also a savepoint within the shop, so you will want to keep this in mind as the game uses a manual save system.

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Second District

After exiting the shop, head up the stairs and around the back of the store to find a big double door, this will be the gate to the Second District.

Upon entering, some Heartless will meet you, defeat them all to continue searching Traverse Town for your objective. At the end of the Second District, you will notice a building called the Gizmo Shop. Proceed to enter the Gizmo Shop to see a cutscene play out with Donald and Goofy.

Note: If you would like to level up, then the Gizmo Shop is a great spot for grinding against enemies. You can keep going back in to fight waves of Heartless, which will get you XP for hard boss fights later on.

You can also head into the Dalmatian’s House to find out about the missing puppies from Pongo and Perdita. This is a side mission for which you will be on the lookout throughout all worlds.

To continue with the main story, head into the Hotel, which is to the left of where you enter the Second District. You will see another cutscene with Donald and Goofy. Afterward, head back out into the main part of the Second District and go into the Alleyway through the door near the flower mural fountain on the lower level.

When in the Alleyway, search the balconies above for some chests you can open. Once you have cleared the area, go back to the Accessories Shop and talk to Cid again. Make sure you save as well.

Facing Off with Leon

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When exiting the shop, you will encounter Leon. He can be a tough boss fight at this level. He will cast Fire at you, which you will want to dodge. For his physical attacks, just remember to parry, and this will prevent his attacks from landing. It will also award you Tech Points.

It is possible to beat Leon, but most players lose to him at this point. It is your choice if you wish to try and beat him for the bragging rights, but you can let this one slide. After being beaten/victorious, Sora will meet Yuffie, and there will be a cutscene along with Leon. After the cutscene, talk to Yuffie again. There will be a chest on the table with an Elixir in it for the taking.

Then, inspect all of the pictures in the room, and jump up to hit the clock above Leon’s head until it strikes 7:00. It will cause a chest to spawn behind Sora on a seat that will contain Mythril. A sound will play to indicate that you have done it correctly.

After this, talk to Leon again to inform him that you are ready to leave.

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Third District

After speaking with Leon, make your way through the Second District to the Third District. The Third District is found by entering the Second District and following the first right turn around the corner. You will fight a new type of Heartless called the Soldier along the way.

Note: Before heading into the Third District, you can double back to grab a Mega-Potion from Aerith in the First District. You need to go into the Second District first so she will spawn. Buying a Protect Chain is also recommended for the defense boost.

Once you are in the Third District, you will face off against some more waves of Heartless. Clear them out with the help of Donald and Goofy to initiate another cutscene where a boss Heartless turns up, The Guard Armor.

The Guard Armor Boss

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You will see that this Heartless is comprised of separate limbs. This means that you can target them individually to take them out. Take out the arms first, which have the fewest health points, then proceed to do the same with the legs.

Watch out for the different attacks, as the arms can spin around, knocking you back, and the legs can detach and stomp around further afield than the Guard’s body. When the legs detach, try to attack them from behind for optimum results.

As all of this is going on, you must also watch out for the main body, which will occasionally go for a body slam. This powerful attack can one-shot you if you aren’t leveled up enough, so try to avoid it at all costs.

Once you have defeated the arms and legs, you will need to defeat the body. This won’t be too hard once the rest of the Guard Armor has been disposed of. After some combos and dodging, the Guard Armor will go down, and you will see it explode in a cutscene and release a heart.

After defeating the boss, you will see another half-cut scene with Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith. Once this has concluded, you will be able to board the Gummi Ship outside the main gate in the First District to fly to your first world.

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