There are fewer kills in Season 13 of Apex Legends to go around, literally. Before Season 13: Saviors, there was an easy way to get kills that most avid players knew but nobody liked to talk about. That was if another team downed but didn’t kill one or two players on another team and then got eliminated before being able to kill them, another team could swipe in for the kills. All you had to do was eliminate the downed players to get each kill.

Skill is definitely a big part of Apex Legends, and getting kills for shooting players that can’t fight back was always a little bit cheap. That said, this change means fewer kills will be awarded per match because any time this occurs, no team gets the kill. We first mentioned this change in the Ranked Reloaded news piece, and with the Saviors Patch Notes, it was confirmed this change would also affect casual and tournament play.

This will make it harder for players to get high-kill based achievements such as the 20-kill Wake Banner Badge, but it will make the game a bit more fair for those who earn their kills.

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