The Daily Jumble in Color is a popular word game hosted by the Chicago Tribune that challenges players to decipher several words by rearranging random letters. When you solve all the words, you must then use them as clues to solve the final phrase. All of this must be done while racing against the clock to get the highest score!

RAYNTO Unscrambled

One of the words that appear in the daily puzzle for May 6, 2022, is rearranged to RAYNTO. The correct word for this sequence of letters is listed below.

RAYNTO Unscrambled: NOTARY

To enter the word, simply select the first slot to place the letter in the word, then type it out on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can drag the letters to their correct slots manually. If you solve the word within 30 seconds, you get a 5x multiplier bonus. Be sure to enter it fast now that you know the answer!

When you have solved today’s riddle, make sure to check our Jumble category page to see if the answers for the next day are available!

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