On May 25, 2021, many of our favorite NBA stars will now be playable characters in Fortnite. With the game’s crossover event with the NBA, Fortnite brings in outfits, wraps, pickaxes, and custom locker bundles all themed around NBA players. Here is everything we know about the second half of the event.

The Welcome Hub

One of the most significant changes you’ll see during the event is the Welcome Hub for the Creative lobbies will have a special hub for the event. In the hub, you’ll find plenty of exciting basketball-themed fun like hidden areas and a parkour map. You’ll also be able to purchase your favorite NBA skin straight from the lobby.

There will also be NBA video clips being played on screens in the lobby. They have set the following itinerary for what content they’ll show on each day of the event:

  • May 25: Top Plays of the Season
  • May 26: Dazzling Dunks
  • May 27: Crossovers & Handles
  • May 28: Clutch Plays
  • May 29: Top Rejections
  • May 30: Top Dimes
  • May 31: Top Plays of the Season

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New LTM: Court Crashers

There is a new LTM available to play throughout the event called Court Crashers. In it, you must take risky, extravagant shots for slam dunks to score points and come out on top. It is currently available in the game (before the event starts) using the following Creative Code: 1898-7178-3313.


Lastly, there will be two locker bundles custom-crafted by NBA players Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young. These locker bundles will include the following.

Donovan Mitchell

Trae Young

That’s everything that’s coming to this event! Don’t forget, if you want more great Fortnite coverage and guides, be sure to visit our Fortnite hompage for all our latest info!

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