Zenith: The Last City is Ramen VR’s highly-anticipated VR MMORPG. Due to the hype around the game, many players were eager to get into the game and try it for themselves. Unfortunately, Zenith VR’s launch saw a massive influx of players, which caused some server issues.

If you were one of those players who could not log in, you might be wondering why and if the servers were down. Unfortunately, Zenith VR’s servers could not handle a large number of players, and players could not log in. But the good news is that the developers are aware of this issue and have frequently been communicating about their process to fix it via Twitter.

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How to check Zenith VR’s server status

If you want to make sure that Zenith VR is up and running before donning your VR headset, head to their official Twitter. They have been extremely communicative about server issues and other problems players are facing. If there is an issue, they will make the community aware.

With most issues, it will be on the developer to fix them, so you will have to be patient while they try and sort out the problem. But, with luck, any server or other issue will be fixed, and you can experience Zenith: The Last City in full VR soon!

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