Zenith: The Last City is Ramen VR’s debut title and VR MMORPG. It is set to release on Jan. 27, 2022, for Steam VR, Oculus, and PlayStation VR. With the game releasing on different platforms, many players may be wondering if Zenith: The Last City will have crossplay.

The answer is yes—Zenith: The Last City will have crossplay between Steam VR, Oculus, and PlayStation VR at launch. All players, regardless of platform, will share the same servers. This means that you can play with your friends regardless of which platform you purchase Zenith: The Last City on.

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Players will be able to explore Zenith: The Last City’s beautiful world by walking, climbing, or gliding. It also features an engaging combat system where players can feel every swing of their sword and cast of their spell. Lastly, no MMORPG is complete without social aspects and crafting, which are both present in Zenith: The Last City.

Zenith: The Last City looks to be a breath of fresh air in both the VR and MMO scenes. Those interested in it should strap on their headsets and get ready to experience its delightful world!

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