Weird West is being developed by WolfEye Studios, published by Devolver Digital, and will release on March. 31, 2022. WolfEye Studio has been revealing more information and showcasing gameplay to satiate fans looking forward to the game. Their latest Road to Weird West revealed some information about Gamepass with a French accent.

Weird West will launch on Gamepass on release day. That means those subscribed to the service will be able to play the game essentially for free. Those not subscribed can join Gamepass and play Weird West along with many other excellent titles.

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The Road to Weird West episode 3 also featured some breakdown of gameplay. This includes different abilities and playstyles available to the player. Weird West is being developed by some of the co-creators of both Dishonored and Prey, which is promising for the gameplay.

Those anticipating Weird West don’t have much longer to go before they become a cowboy or cowgirl in this fantasy take on the Wild West. If you have Gamepass, you’ll be able to play it for free as part of your subscription!

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