One of the most frustrating things that can happen when heading online is being unable to access your favorite streaming platforms. Websites like Twitch will occasionally experience outages on their end, but how can users be sure it’s not their connection that’s unstable? Here’s how to check the Twitch server status.

One reliable way to see if other users are experiencing issues with Twitch is by checking the Twitch Down Detector page. Here, users can report the outages they’ve had on the platform and at what time. The reports will undoubtedly arise when there is an outage, causing a spike on the Down Detector graph.

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Another excellent way to keep up with the status of Twitch is by following the official pages of Twitch’s Support channel. On Dec. 15, 2021, Twitch experienced widespread outages thanks to an Amazon server mishap, and the Twitch Support page kept users updated on their Twitter page. We’ve listed the thread below:

When Twitch has issues, users can’t do much besides waiting out for the fixes. Eventually, Twitch should get a handle on the server outages, and they should keep their public channels updated in the meantime.

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