TUNIC is publisher Finji’s upcoming action-adventure game about a small fox on a big adventure. TUNIC has been compared to The Legend of Zelda series due to its aesthetics and gameplay. It releases on March 16, 2022, for PC and Xbox, which may leave you wondering if TUNIC is coming to Gamepass.

The answer is no—TUNIC will not be on Gamepass. Despite Xbox being the only console that TUNIC is launching for, it will not be on Gamepass on release day. So while it would be a perfect title for the game subscription service, you will have to purchase TUNIC if you intend to play it.

TUNIC looks to be full of charm, character, and various worlds to explore. You can battle enemies, solve puzzles, discover treasure, and more in this delightful indie title when it releases on PC and Xbox.

While TUNIC is not coming to Gamepass on launch day, it is still a title worth keeping your eye on and checking out. If you’re interested in TUNIC, get ready come March 16 and join this tiny fox on a grand adventure!

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