TUNIC is an upcoming game being developed by Andrew Shouldice and published by Finji and features an adorable fox protagonist exploring a colorful world. After looking at TUNIC, you may find yourself wondering if TUNIC is a roguelike.

The answer is no—TUNIC is not a roguelike. While indie games have become increasingly roguelike, and it resembles the popular roguelike Hades, it is not. TUNIC is described as an action-adventure game focusing on exploration and discovery with no roguelike mechanics.

TUNIC bears a stronger resemblance to The Legend of Zelda series. You will explore the world in TUNIC, fighting various monsters and solving puzzles. Exploration is a major aspect of TUNIC rather than any sort of roguelike mechanic.

So despite the growing number of indie titles that are roguelike and their aesthetics, TUNIC is not a roguelike game. If you were looking for another indie roguelike, you would have to look elsewhere, but we encourage you to check out TUNIC if it appeals to you!

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