Square-Enix launched Triangle Strategy as a Nintendo Switch exclusive and did the same for its other HD2D title, Octopath Traveler, back in 2018. Since then, Octopath Traveler has seen loads of success. Only a year after its launch, the game made it to PC through Steam.

Essentially, if Triangle Strategy manages to turn around with at least decent sales—matching or surpassing those of Octopath—then Square-Enix will seek to ride the momentum and make the game available to more players. More likely than not, Triangle Strategy will find its way to Steam and PC by some time next year, but there’s no way to confirm this.

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What we do know is Triangle Strategy has critical success. On launch day, it was already considered a fine example of what tactical RPGs should be in 2022. It may not revolutionize the genre, but it has freshened it just as Octopath Traveler did for JRPGs.

Despite the significant genre difference, however, Octopath Traveler should tide you over if you don’t have a Switch but want to see Square-Enix’s best Nintendo offerings. Other titles such as X COM 2 or Battle Brothers could also quell your tactical-gaming urge.

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