Harvestella is a farming simulator combined with JRPG by Square Enix and fans have been dying to know more about the title. Harvestella looks to launch with many of the features farming sim fans enjoy and love, but one has been missing from trailers and media. This may leave you wondering if there is romance and marriage in Harvestella.

Is there marriage in Harvestella?

Square Enix have not officially confirmed this or deconfirmed this, but several Steam Curators have reported that there is no romance or marriage aspects in Harvestella. This is further supported by the official website, which states that Aria, a mysterious girl, will stay in your house with you. This might make it awkward for romantic partners. Additionally, all of Harvestella’s media only mentions you can make friends, but nothing directly related to romantic partners.

Unfortunately, we do not know for sure whether there will be a romance feature in Harvestella as Square Enix has been hush hush on this topic. The evidence suggests that there will not be, but we will have to wait and see.

Romance has become a staple in the farming simulator genre, and its apparent absence in Harvestella has been noted by fans. If the feature is indeed not in the game, Square Enix could possibly add it with an update.

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