Coral Island is a farming simulator taking place on a beautiful tropical island. There are many activities to enjoy besides farming, including fishing, exploring, exploring underwater caves, and of course, befriending the local residents. With any relationship system in a farming sim, you may be wondering if there is romance in Coral Island.

Is there marriage in Coral Island?

The answer is yes—you can absolutely romance other characters and get married. There are over 15 eligible singles to meet and befriend in Coral Island. As you get to know them, you may find that special someone who makes you want to trade in the bachelor/bachelorette life and settle down. After getting married and settling on the farm, this begs the question of what comes next in your relationship.

Can you have children in Coral Island?

After finding that special someone in Coral Island and getting married, you can settle down on the farm and have children. Coral Island allows you to have up to two children, creating that iconic image of the nuclear family. Your children can grow into teenagers alongside the other children of the village.

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