In Hidden Deep, players must explore an underground oceanic facility and discover what happened to the missing research team. Cogwheel Software has created a sci-fi horror experience that players can tackle alone or with a friend. Of course, any multiplayer game begs the question of is there PvP.

Currently, there is no PvP in Hidden Deep. However, the developers have confirmed that this may be a future feature added in an update. They state, “PvP – yes, you read that right, backstabbing your friends in dark caves with monsters lurking around – don’t worry too much about it for now though, it makes even more sense once you encounter the lore a bit more.”

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Adding PvP to a game like Hidden Deep is certainly an interesting mechanic. Survival is challenging in the dark caverns, and typically having another person would make this easier. But there are situations when it might be better to shoot your partner in the leg and sacrifice them to save yourself.

Whether or not PvP is actually added remains to be seen as it is not 100% guaranteed, and no timeline was given. But PvP would certainly add new depth to Hidden Deep and make you question not just the caves and monsters but also your allies.

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