Ramen VR’s MMORPG Zenith: The Last City features an expansive world players can fully explore in VR. It features numerous regions to explore, monsters to fight, and quests to complete. But at the end of the day, players need someplace to retire to. This may leave them wondering if there is player housing in Zenith: The Last City.

There is no player housing in Zenith: The Last City at launch. But the sthe developers, TribeVR Inc., confirmed in the official AMA that this would be a feature added later. They did not mention how player housing would work or an official time to add housing to the game.

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Housing would be an excellent feature in the game as players could decorate the house in VR. Depending on how it is implemented, players can interact with the objects in their home as if they were actually there and have friends over for tea and biscuits.

While the developers gave no timeline for player housing, Ramen VR does intend to publish a roadmap for future content. So players can expect to see what new features will be added and when once it is live, and, with luck, player housing will be on there.

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