Permanently losing units is one of the biggest fears of every strategy role-playing gamer. It’s not just you losing a comrade, but you losing talent. Since every unit has a different build in Triangle Strategy, a perma-dead unit means losing a unique skillset forever.

Fortunately, there is no permadeath in Triangle Strategy. EXP is gained individually (and not as a party) however, so a retired unit can’t earn anymore from that battle. Keep your units alive as much as possible.

The game also autosaves every three or so of your turns, so know that you can soft reset mid-battle.

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You can grind levels in Mental Mock Battles later on, but its enemies won’t be as strong, so the EXP won’t be gained that fast.

If you think losing a particular unit will cost you the battle, don’t be afraid to redo the entire stage. Try out different units, switch their positions—whatever the stage’s “recommended level” is, we can guarantee you that meeting that number won’t matter. The enemies will still outnumber and out-tank you.

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