The DioField Chronicle is a role-playing strategy game that tells the story of risk, revenge, and overcoming adversity. Whether you play in Normal or Hard, you’ll soon realize that this game is not easy, every unit seems to be on the brink of death in every battle. Therefore, you might wonder if death is permanent in the game, such as in Fire Emblem’s Classic mode.

Can characters die in The DioField Chronicle?

Fortunately, there is no permadeath in The DioField Chronicle. When units are incapacitated, they are only out of the battle temporarily. You can call another unit to Rescue them. Once an active unit helps your fallen unit get back on its feet, they’re back in the right. The quest will only fail when all units fall in battle. There is no limit to how many times you can Rescue your allies.

If you think Rescue makes the game too easy, it really doesn’t. After all, you can only control up to four units at a time, and losing one of them is detrimental to your success. Weapons and accessories are expensive to the point where you’ll go through a couple of battles without upgrading anyone’s equipment. Items are consumable and equally expensive. EPs, or the essence that lets you use skills, are extremely limited, and orbs rarely drop on higher difficulties.

Of course, if you can finish quests without any of your units being incapacitated, you’ll get SP as a reward. SPs can be used to upgrade skills via the Skill Tree. The Skill Tree can be accessed on the pre-mission menu or beside the Institute at your base.

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