The Riftbreaker is a survival base building game with tower defense elements. The player must tame the wild environments and creatures of Galatea 37 so that Earth can colonize the planet. Players must rely on their wits, their mecha suit Mr. Riggs, and the defenses of the bases they build.

The Riftbreaker features several game modes, including a campaign, survival, and sandbox mode. Players may find themselves wondering if it is multiplayer in The Riftbreaker or if they can survive the planet with a buddy in a co-op mode.

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The answer is no—for now. Developer EXOR Studios is focusing on creating a single-player experience in The Riftbreaker. They plan to add an online co-op but state that this could take between 6 months to a year, if not later. In the meantime, they do plan to add additional content as they work towards the goal of co-op.

As The Riftbreaker tasks the player with managing their base alongside battling the natural elements of Galatea 37, having a partner would certainly make things easier. While EXOR Studios plans to add multiplayer to the game after launch, how this will be implemented is unknown. Ideally, players will experience the campaign together, but it could be limited to survival and sandbox modes.

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