Hidden Deep is a 2D action game with a horror theme in which players must search for a lost team in a sub-oceanic research facility. On their journey, the player will encounter terrifying creatures that want to kill and eat them, making for a scary experience. But, of course, bringing along a friend would go a long way to help with that.

If you were wondering if there was multiplayer in Hidden Deep, the answer is yes. At launch, there will be local co-op and remote play co-op. In addition, online co-op will be added after the game’s initial release in its early access period.

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This means you can bring a friend to help you survive and uncover the mysteries of Hidden Deep. Having an additional gun at your side and a brain to help you solve puzzles will significantly increase your odds of living. It will also make the game more fun!

Since it is releasing in early access, Hidden Deep’s online co-op will not be available at launch, which is unfortunate for those who can’t play locally or remotely. But developer Cogwheel Software intends to add this feature during its early access time, which hopefully means it comes quickly.

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