Rune Factory 5 is an expansive JRPG that blends together combat and slice-of-life elements. One of the most popular things to do in the series is getting to know the townsfolk, especially the ones that you can marry. You may be wondering if gay marriage is allowed or if you can only marry the opposite sex.

Yes, you can marry the opposite sex in Rune Factory 5. The Western version of the game allows you to romance whoever you want, regardless of which main protagonist you choose. That means that all twelve eligible villagers are available without you having to make to play through the game with Ares and Alice.

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This is a first for the series as the four previous titles all only allowed for opposite-sex marriage. This frustrated players as gender-locking spousal choices greatly took away from the content you could see in the game and put the LGBTQ+ community in an unfavorable spot when choosing who to play as.

Story of Seasons was the first to break this opposite-sex marriage trend, and now that Rune Factory has followed in its footsteps, gay marriage should show up in all Rune Factory games from this point on.

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