Sniper Elite 5 is bringing in many different multiplayer options for players to try out. There will be both co-op play and an expanded multiplayer system. There is a lot of new content that has never been put into previous installments.

What is the multiplayer for Sniper Elite 5?

Before, multiplayer consisted of two teams with up to six players each, but Sniper Elite 5 will have four teams with up to four players each. The modes will be Squad Match, Free-For-All, Team Match, and No-Cross. The game modes have not been expanded upon, but we know that Squad Match is 4v4v4v4.

There will also be five classes for players to choose from:

  • Sniper
  • Scout
  • Medic
  • Engineer
  • Assault

How does weapon customization work in Sniper Elite 5?

The co-op allows players to play the main game with a friend. A second player can help in the campaign or join the Axis’ side as an enemy sniper. It’s drop-in, so the second player can come in and out freely without needing to join when the mission starts.

Co-op also includes a four-player survival mode where players go against wave after wave of enemies.

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