Expeditions: Rome is a great game with its real-time strategy combat. However, it is not suited for cooperative play or multiplayer.

Expeditions: Rome is a single-player game like all the other games in the Expeditions series. That doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.

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Expeditions: Rome is the third installment in the Expeditions series from Logic Artists. The world and people of Ancient Rome have been brought to life in their latest title following the success of their previous titles. As players rise to power in the Republic, they assume the role of a young Legatus.

Players can customize their own Roman Legatus in Expeditions: Rome. The player controls this character as they assemble their party and defeat their enemies in tactical turn-based combat. Defeat your enemies by using weapons, skills, and strategies.

Three war campaigns will take place in Greece, North Africa, and Gaul. On the path to victory and greatness, recruit soldiers, build your war camp, conquer enemies, and defend your territory. It’s the kind of game built with one player in mind.

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