Many games released as MMORPGs today may look like The Waylanders, but that’s just a coincidence. The Waylanders is designed for those who love single-player RPGs with huge open worlds and customizability.

There is only a single-player experience in The Waylanders. The game does not support cooperative or multiplayer play. Also, developer GATO STUDIO have not mentioned the inclusion of multiplayer features upon The Waylander’s release.

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Unlike cooperative or multiplayer play, the game features a companion system. Nine companions are available in total, and a player can have up to four on their team at any one time. This usually compensates for any loneliness players may feel while playing the game.

Currently, The Waylanders is in early access, and the developer stated that no more than 25% of the alpha would be made available in early access. As a result, we may see more upon full release, but again, multiplayer and co-op are unlikely to be included. When a feature like that is available, the GATO STUDIO will release more information.

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