A dark force has come to the Old West in Evil West. Players control Jesse Rentier, legendary vampire hunter, as they eradicate hordes of vampires in fast-paced combat. Currently, the only release date is 2022, but those looking to saddle on launch day may be wondering if there is co-op/multiplayer in Evil West.

The answer is yes—there is co-op/multiplayer in Evil West, which means you can your most root·in’-toot·in’ partner along for the ride. While the main character is Jesse Rentier, it is currently unknown who other players will play as or if it will be another named character. Check out the trailer below!

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Evil West gives players control of numerous firearms, including a lightning-fueled gauntlet and several gadgets to unleash hell on the various monsters. Players can do so lone wolf style or bring in their friend to form a monster-slaying posse. Regardless of how you play, Evil West looks to be a good time.

In addition to different weapons, Evil West will feature various perks, tools, and upgrades for players to use throughout the journey. Do you have what it takes to slay evil or do you need to bring a friend?

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