Harvestella is Square Enix’s take on the farming simulator. They have implemented several RPG aspects that the developer is known for. The farming sim genre has improved and expanded quite a bit over the years, adding many new features. This includes co-op, which may leave you wondering if you can play multiplayer in Harvestella.

Can you play Harvestella multiplayer?

The answer is no—there is no multiplayer or co-op in Harvestella. While you cannot play with your friends, you can recruit allies in-game. They can assist you in various ways, and you can also learn their job from them. Forming friendships with your allies is a crucial way to improve your power.

It is possible that Square Enix may add co-op at a later date, but for now, Harvestella is a single-player experience. Fortunately, Harvestella has many features that can offset not having a player ally, such as NPC characters assisting you and letting you switch jobs on the fly, even in combat.

Harvestella’s daily life will offer a lot to do, and while you must do it alone, you can still enjoy everything it has to offer. With it being single-player focused, you can count on a strong solo experience and enjoy the title at your own pace.

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