Coral Island is a vibrant, inclusive imagining of your typical farming sim game set on a tropical island. Players can not only experience growing crops that wouldn’t be able to in your normal farming sim, but they can also partake in the fun, island-unique activities like sea diving.

Of course, building and exploring this personal paradise of yours can be a little lonely without another person to play with. So, you may be asking: does Coral Island have co-op play?

Can you play Coral Island multiplayer?

The short answer is yes. In fact, Coral Island has two multiplayer modes: local split-screen and online multiplayer. People can play with up to three other people.

This feat was largely due to the game being partially funded through a Kickstarter, allowing the developers to expand the content without negatively affecting the single-player experience. In fact, additional developers were hired just to focus on multiplayer content.

However, because it’s an add-on, multiplayer will not be available in the Alpha version. Instead, it will be released when the game fully launches on Oct. 11, 2022. Stairway Games has also not confirmed if online multiplayer will be available cross-platform, but it may be added in the future.

Can you marry other Coral Island players?

Aside from being able to work on the town together, multiplayer also allows players to romance other Coral Island players. You can only marry one character for now, but Stairway Games has expressed interest in polyamorous marriages later in development.

Players can, of course, choose to marry other NPCs instead. There are roughly 15 eligible candidates for you to meet on the island. You can start a family with up to two kids.

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