Character creation is a big part of MMORPGs. After all, you will be playing as your character for countless hours, so it makes sense that you want to customize the character you will be playing as. This may leave players wondering if there is character creation in Zenith: The Last City.

The answer is yes—there is character customization. At launch, there will be two races, a male and female gender, and numerous options for appearance. The developers have confirmed that they will add more after launch and even want to implement VR Chat Avatars for players.

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Being able to customize your character truly makes them feel like your own. In addition to the above options, players can choose their class, subclass, and abilities as they progress. And, of course, they can equip different armor, weapons, and gear.

Players will be able to enjoy Zenith: The Last City in their own way with the character they want to play as. So check out the VR MMORPG for yourself and create an awesome character!

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