In terms of giving players a way to make their main character unique, Sifu doesn’t do much. The most control players have in the game is choosing the gender of the main character.

That’s all there is to character customization, players can choose a gender. In a tweet from Sloclap, the developer, the female character ages at the same rate as the male character.

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This doesn’t affect much of the game, which is good because we’d imagine that the character would learn the same King Fu regardless of their gender identity. In another tweet, the developer showed how the combat for a female character looks, which mirrors the male character.

The story won’t be changed by something like this. It will still feature the main character losing their family and practicing Kung Fu. The only difference will be their physical appearance.

There may not be the full character customization that many players are used to from the gaming industry, but it is a welcome addition nonetheless. The same experience is available to all players regardless of their gender, and that tiny bit of inclusivity makes all the difference.

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