Zenith: The Last City is Ramen VR’s epic MMO, and it launches in early access for Steam VR, Oculus, and PlayStation VR. With early access comes the expectation of new features being added throughout the game’s development and life. This may leave players wondering if there is a roadmap for Zenith: The Last City.

The answer is yes there is a roadmap. It was published shortly after launch and details what Ramen VR intends to bring to Zenith: The Last City. They also announced a new class, the Cyber Ninja, but no official release date for the new class. You can find the official roadmap here.

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With MMOs, the potential is near unlimited for additional content. Ramen VR could add new regions for the player to explore, new monsters to fight, new gear to collect, and so much more. Zenith: The Last City certainly appears to have a bright future ahead of it, and fans can get excited for what is to come.

Now that Ramen VR has published a roadmap for Zenith: The Last City, players can see the upcoming content. So look through the roadmap to see what lies ahead in Zenith MMO’s future!

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