When it comes to navigating game worlds, the easiest way is to do so with a map. If you were wondering if there was a map in Monster Harvest, the answer is kind of.

By default there is no overworld map that shows the world of Monster Harvest and Planimal Point. You can however view the signs in the town which will show you a map. But this map is rather useless and has little to no information. The only other map is the dungeon map.

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This dungeon map serves as a mini-map to prevent you from getting lost and is located in the top-right corner of the screen. There is a new map for each level of the dungeon. This map will show you places you have already been and the paths connecting to other rooms. The green room shows you the location of the room you are in.

While there is no real overworld map, the dungeon map is still quite handy when exploring. Since each level is randomly generated, it could be easy to get lost without the map. When you first enter a level of the dungeon, the map is blank and will fill in as you explore. So you had best get to moving if you want to search every nook and cranny in the dungeon.

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