MultiVersus features characters, stages, and more from various Warner Bros. franchises like DC, Looney ToonsAdventure Time, and many more. This leads to speculation on which series MultiVersus will introduce next. One that fans are asking about is The Matrix. This may leave you wondering what character may be coming to MultiVersus from The Matrix.

Is The Matrix in MultiVersus?

There is no definite answer to this, but fans have found evidence supporting that The Matrix will be coming to MultiVersus through datamining and leaks. Known MultiVersus leaker AisulMV discovered a particle effect very similar to effects seen in The Matrix. In addition, Rick has a quote that connects to the famous red or blue pill scene in the original title.

If The Matrix does come to MultiVersus, it is highly likely that Neo will be the selected character as he is the protagonist across the series. Other characters worth considering would be TrinityMorpheus, and Agent Smith. As Neo and Agent Smith are the best representation of the protagonist and antagonist in The Matrix, they are the most likely choices.

This would also work for their abilities and moves as the two share many skills. A character from The Matrix could take advantage of their exceptional hand-to-hand abilities, bullet time, and mastery of numerous firearms. This gives Player First Games many options when creating their kit if one were to be added to MultiVersus.

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