Occasionally exotics from the past are reintroduced to the game after being locked away for some time. One such exotic that is on plenty of fans’ minds is the Ice Breaker, and if it will return soon to the game. 

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Well, nothing is known regarding the potential return of the Ice Breaker. However, it is a fan favorite and was one of the most top-picked weapons during the Trials of Osiris event. 

Because of this, we feel Ice Breaker would be on the top of the list, if not close to it, for exotics to make a reappearance into the game. 

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It was also just recently where we saw classic weapons from the first game return with the 30th Anniversary bundle and event.

In the 30th Anniversary bundle, We saw the return of the fan-favorite Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. So could the reintroduction of a fan favorite such as Gjallarhorn spell a future addition of the Ice Breaker?

Well to recap, nothing is still confirmed regarding the fate of the Ice Breaker, nor has Bungie Indicated that it would return.

So all we can do in the meantime is hope and speculate while we wait for the launch of the Witch Queen expansion.  

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