Thanks to an article, many believe that Rockstar intends to include microtransactions in Grand Theft Auto – Definitive Edition. No, this is not true, this is a joke that has gone too far.

A satirical website called Hard-Drive published an article called “Rockstar Announces They’ve Fixed GTA Trilogy by Adding Microtransactions,” which some think sounds like Rockstar today. Many thought they would try and monetize the definitive edition of the old trilogy since they’ve profited from monetizing GTA V.

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The extent to which this has spread shows how poorly fans perceive the company. The studio that was once idolized in the industry is now seen as a money-hungry studio that monetizes everything it touches.

Currently, this is just a joke, but after they fix the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Definitive Edition, there may be more to it. We’re all hoping that Rockstar will only fix the definitive edition and that nothing more will be added to make this article true.

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