With any free-to-play, you can expect microtransactions and the presence of a battle or season pass. MultiVersus is no different, and this platform fighter features a battle pass, both free and premium, where you can unlock Gold, skins, emotes, and more. But this may leave you wondering if the premium MultiVersus battle pass is worth it and if you should purchase it.

Should I buy the MultiVersus Battle Pass?

Whether the battle pass for MultiVersus is worth it depends on a few things, but ultimately we think it is worth it if you purchase it at the start of a season. The first thing to note is that they are fairly short, lasting roughly two weeks. They also only have 15 levels to unlock, meaning it is possible to complete it in time. You just want to ensure you get it early and complete all your challenges.

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You also need to look at the cosmetics available in the battle pass. It typically will feature emotes, icons, badges, skins, or more for most of the cast. But, there may be rewards for characters you don’t play, making it pointless to get. Some levels do reward Gold and other general stuff, so you will still get something out of it. The free version gives rewards, but these are typically lesser quality.

Lastly, the MultiVersus premium battle pass only costs 300 Gleamium, or $3. So it is fairly inexpensive to buy, and you will likely have leftover Gleamium from another purchase you can put this way. But you should know you do not receive any Gleamium from the pass, meaning you must purchase the next one with real money. At $3, this isn’t much, but with short seasons, you may find yourself purchasing quite a bit of battle passes, and $3 can add up.

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