Super Robot Wars 30 is the 30th-anniversary edition of a game with almost 50 entries in its mainline series. Over three decades, the game has evolved into a unique brand of strategy RPG involving popular mecha anime series. So is it beginner-friendly?

The good news is, yes, Super Robot Wars 30 is very beginner-friendly. Despite being in many ways a love letter to fans of the series, this game is also perfect for new players.

Super Robot Wars 30 is the first game in the series to be released simultaneously in English and Japanese on Steam. It’s the most accessible the series has ever been.

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Beyond this, the game provides optional tutorials during the game’s opening and plenty of additional tutorials throughout the game. You can also access tutorials during intermissions.

The multiple difficulty levels make starting out simple. And the fact you can change the difficulty at any time in the options menu makes it perfect to either increase the difficulty as you learn or turn it down if you hit a wall.

Despite being a daunting series to get into, Super Robot Wars 30 is as good a place as any for new players to start their Super Robot Wars journey.

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