Stray is BlueTwelve and Annapurna Interactive’s cat-based title. With its release, players are enjoying the delightful cat movements and gameplay, and while released for PC and PlayStation, you might be wondering if Stray is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Will Stray be on Switch and Xbox?

The answer is no—Stray is not coming to the Nintendo Switch or Xbox, at least anytime soon. There has been no announcement for Stray coming to either platform, and it remains a PC and PlayStation exclusive. While this will disappoint those on Switch and Xbox looking forward to the cat title, it is possible that it may be ported at a later time.

For those on PlayStation, Stray takes full advantage of the PlayStation controller. When sleeping, you will be able to hear the cat purring, bringing you one step closer to immersion. If Stray is ported to Switch and Xbox, this is likely a feature that will stay behind.

Stray would be a perfect fit for a Game Pass title and the Nintendo Switch as it is a fairly short game. Its length and easily understood gameplay are perfect for picking up and playing in short bursts. With luck, BlueTwelve will port the title to other consoles and reach a wider audience.

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