If you’ve seen the trailer for Star Wars: Hunters you are probably wondering what type of game it will be. You might think that it is a MOBA as it seems quite similar to the recently released Pokémon Unite which has been successful.

But not much is known about the game and there has been little gameplay footage. What information we do know is on their website and in brief clips. The official website states “Engage in thrilling third-person combat to dominate grand arenas” and “mix and match teams, use skill, tactics, and customize your character to find a winning strategy.”

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From this description, it sounds like the game may be closer to Overwatch as it features a diverse roster of characters that each have unique skills and abilities. Star Wars: Hunters could end up being a mix of MOBA and hero-based third-person shooters. A brief clip of gameplay was captured which you can see here.

Until more information is released, what kind of game Star Wars: Hunters is will be speculation. But at the least, it will be an exciting new project for Star Wars fans. To stay up to date with the game you can pre-register on its official website as well as stay tuned to Pro Game Guides.

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