Roblox Project Star is an upcoming game inspired by the hit anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. While there are many Jojo games on Roblox, this next title is highly anticipated within the anime gaming community. There is no release date yet, but the game is in a testing phase, with gameplay footage available on YouTube.

At launch, Project Star will not be available on mobile devices. This is a frequently asked question within the community, and it was confirmed by Cameron (one half of the development team) on Aug. 17, 2021. When Project Star reaches public release, it will only be available on PC.

Although Project Star will be PC-exclusive at launch, the game may receive mobile and console support in the future. This information comes directly from Cameron on the Project Star Discord server, who did not rule out the possibility for future support on more devices.

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Project Star is an anime game on Roblox that draws inspiration from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In Project Star, players can expect one-on-one combat against challenging enemies. While the game appears open-world, many of the fights appear to take place within enclosed arenas.

Players can also level up and focus on various skill trees called Stands, which are unique power abilities from the Jojo anime. Stands will allow players to create their own unique builds and enjoy multiple combat experiences within the game.

The Project Star development is essentially just two people (Cameron and Nate) so their main focus right now is polishing the game for PC. But who knows, if the game reaches major popularity then players might be able to enjoy Project Star on iOS/Android devices, along with Xbox consoles.

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