On Oct. 23, 2021, Book 2 of the popular Roblox game Piggy will be releasing its 12th and final chapter on the Roblox platform. There are currently no plans to continue Piggy’s main storyline through the form of a Book 3—instead, Piggy developer MiniToon is working on an entirely new Roblox Piggy game titled Piggy: Intercity, and an exclusive Steam game titled PIGGY: Hunt to take its place. Piggy: Intercity is currently in demo form, and PIGGY: Hunt opens for early access this Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021.

The community surrounding Piggy and its story have grown exponentially over the past year—with almost 10 billion visits, and it’s no secret that it’s not only one of the most popular but also one of the most beloved games on the platform.

With a fandom that consists of art, edits, theories, alternate universes, and even game suggestions, it’s seemingly been hard for players to watch their favorite game be discontinued. Since the announcement, many avid Piggy fans have taken to Twitter to voice their thoughts and find comfort in other community members.

Even popular Roblox content creator KreekCraft joined in on the reminiscence.

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While the announcement may be disheartening for some, others look towards the future for Piggy as a whole rather than just a Roblox game. There will still be Piggy games available to play on the site, including the original Piggy for those who aren’t interested in Piggy: Intercity. Meanwhile, MiniToon will expand and create even more content further the breadth of his characters and stories.

For those unfamiliar with this fan-favorite experience, Piggy is a survival horror game where one player acts as Piggy, terrorizing and attempting to attack those around her. The rest of the players act as survivors, attempting to complete tasks within a time limit without Piggy’s detection. If survivors are successful, they can escape and win—if all survivors are killed, Piggy wins. The gameplay of Piggy is similar to that of Among Us and the popular Roblox games Granny and Baldi’s Basics.

Deceptively simple, Piggy actually features quite the in-depth story and characters for players to follow. According to the Piggy Wiki, Book 1 of Piggy was originally created to serve as nothing more than a pastime for MiniToon and his friends. However, after a short time, the game grew a massive following and fanbase. Due to its fame, Piggy was then able to expand into a profit outside of Roblox by creating and monetizing Piggy branded clothes, stickers, and even a line of action figure style toys.

Though the main storyline of Piggy is ending, it’s not the end for Piggy itself. Piggy’s journey will continue through updates released to Piggy: Intercity as it’s developed, including new game modes, characters, maps, and even the ability to interact with choose-your-own-adventure style dialogue and character customization. MiniToon plans to put their all into the future of Piggy, so whether you’re playing Piggy: Intercity or PIGGY: Hunt, you’ll be in good hands!

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