East Brickton is a roleplaying simulator game on the platform that lets players choose their own role in a sprawling, virtual city. Although this Roblox game is available on the PC platform, users cannot play East Brickton on Xbox.

If players attempt to join East Brickton on the Xbox version of Roblox, they will be met with Error Code 103: The Roblox experience you are trying to join is currently not available. Reason being, East Brickton is not supported for the Xbox console.

Since East Brickton is a roleplaying game, developer marcus760 created East Brickton with mouse and keyboard in mind. Players must react quickly to in-game scenarios with other players, which requires typing in emote commands with immediacy. All of this is designed to create a fluid roleplaying experience.

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Although Roblox on Xbox technically supports mouse and keyboard, the East Brickton developers have not yet created support for an Xbox experience. Moreover, East Brickton is also not supported on mobile devices. The game is still in early access, which is likely the main reason for East Brickton’s PC-exclusivity.

If players search for East Brickton on the Xbox or mobile versions of Roblox, the game will be available, but players will be unable to join the experience. This is not a glitch, all this means is that the game is not supported on these particular devices. The only place players can play East Brickton is on PC with a mouse and keyboard.

Roblox East Brickton is a roleplaying experience that recreates Buffalo, NY, an upstate city in the state. Whether you want to be a cop, a criminal, or an everyday worker, decisions are yours to make in this open-world game.

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