Robloxians beware: there are many websites floating around that advertise themselves as “free Robux generators.” As far as we know, there is no such thing as a trustworthy Robux generator, and they should be avoided at all costs. If you’ve seen floating around, this website is a scam. – Everything You Need to Know

We’ve gathered common questions about Robux generators and explain why they should be avoided: to protect your personal information and your Roblox account.

What is a Robux Generator?

Robux Generators advertise themselves as websites that hand out free Robux in exchange for your time and/or your personal information, often both. Many websites, included, ask for your Roblox username, and provide a handful of surveys the user must complete. The promise is free Robux added to your digital wallet, but most users never receive the Robux.

These Robux generators are in no way affiliated with the Roblox company. As far as we know, there is no such thing as a trustworthy Robux generator, and you should never give your personal information to anyone on the Internet.

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What is is one of the many “Robux generators” floating around on the Internet. You might have come across similar websites like, but they all lead redirect to one website: While this website might look friendly at first, we’ve heard no reports that they are valid sources for Robux.

Even more odd, has a FAQ section that answers “Is this website safe to use?” Although the website says, “Definitely!” this should not be trusted. There is no evidence that Robux generators work.

The Roblox company advises against sharing your personal information. You should never share your username or password with an untrustworthy website. We recommend avoiding and all of the variant websites that redirect to

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How to get free Robux?

We’re aware of two methods of getting free Robux without compromising your information: the Microsoft Rewards Promotion, and Giveaways. Even so, these do not provide an unlimited amount of Robux to every user.

Microsoft Rewards Promotion

In Feb. 2020, the Roblox company partnered with Microsoft for a Microsoft Rewards Promotion. By signing up for Microsoft Rewards, users can earn Microsoft Rewards points by using the Bing search engine and completing additional Microsoft-related activities.

After earning enough points, users can redeem the points on Microsoft in exchange for a Roblox Digital Code card. While technically free, it takes quite a long time to earn enough points for a digital code. Check out our Microsoft Rewards: Get Robux for Free in Roblox guide for a more in-depth understanding.


Popular Roblox content creators like DeeterPlays often host giveaways for free Roblox and/or free Avatar items. Even then, the user should be wary of who they provide their username. It should only ever be an established, reputable content creator or Roblox studio like Uplift Games, the studio behind Adopt Me. In most cases, we opt to never hand out our username to anyone we don’t know.

How do I buy Robux?

Robux can be purchased from physical Roblox gift cards that are available from most major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Gamestop, and more. Digital codes can also be purchased on the Roblox website. Users should only purchase Robux from these reputable sources.

For a deeper understanding of Robux, check out our Roblox Price Guide: How much do Robux cost? and How to redeem Roblox Gift Cards on Pro Game Guides.

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