Anime Warriors, studio BlockZone’s second Roblox fighting game, was announced with a surprise trailer on Aug. 9, 2021. When the game releases in August 2021, Anime Warriors will be free-to-play on the Roblox platform. Better yet, both PC and mobile players can play Anime Warriors.

BlockZone developed Anime Warriors to work on PC and mobile devices. If you are primarily a mobile player, rest assured that Anime Warriors will be playable for iOS and Android devices so long as the Roblox app is downloadable. The trailer, however, did not include Xbox as a playable console.

Anime Warriors is BlockZone’s follow-up to Anime Fighting Simulator, a training game inspired by many popular anime titles. Although the premise of Anime Warriors has not been revealed, the launch trailer appears to do away with training. Instead, players will summon new characters and complete quests never before seen in AFS.

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In Anime Warriors, players can team with friends to defeat powerful enemies. Summoning also makes its return as the main mechanic of unlocking new anime characters. Players should expect lots of fan-favorite anime characters to return, especially since the trailer teased locations from One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Naruto.

Although Anime Warriors is the next title from BlockZone, this surprised many fans since a separate game was announced. For many months BlockZone teased Anime Legends, an open-world anime game that looks similar to RPGs like Genshin Impact. However, Anime Warriors is a separate game that had been in secret development.

Anime Legends may not be releasing for a long while, but the new Anime Warriors should provide players and fans of BlockZone with plenty of new content as the studio continues work on the (supposedly) larger game. It’s not every day your favorite studio drops a separate new game out of the blue.

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