Both Jurassic World Evolution and Planet Zoo are giants in the park building simulation genre. One offers an experience based on the popular dinosaur franchise, complete with scientific labs for breeding animals. The other is a take on traditional zoos, challenging the player to create the zoo of their wildest dreams. Where does Prehistoric Kingdom fall between these two?

How is Prehistoric Kingdom like Jurassic World Evolution?

Image via Frontier Developments

Of course, it is not hard to detect that the biggest similarity between Jurassic World Evolution and Prehistoric Kingdom is that both are simulator games that allow you to own a space where you care for dinosaurs. Both games aim to have a realistic look through their art style, favoring crisp and life-like graphics over the cartoonish design that is seen in many simulator games.

While PK favors a more customizable and detailed gameplay style, both still revolve around the similar goal to run a large park with monorails, large enclosures, and an industrial building aesthetic. JWE does differ in that it does offer many more dinosaurs for your park.

How is Prehistoric Kingdom like Planet Zoo?

Image via Frontier Developments

While Planet Zoo has no dinosaurs to speak of, both it and Prehistoric Kingdom have plenty of similarities. The two games are hyper-customizable amusement park simulators that revolve around caring for, breeding, and purchasing creatures for people to enjoy viewing. Unlike JWE, both PZ and PK offer quicker building times, a variety of aesthetic options, and a lot more focus on caring for the animals and dinosaurs.

Though PK is a game where dinosaurs exist, it is set up a lot more like a zoo simulation game and has a less scientific feel than we see in JWE. You can also purchase some non-dinosaurs like mammoths within the game.

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