Pokémon Unite is a multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA game that was first released on the Nintendo Switch and then for Android and iOS devices. Linking accounts makes it so the game is able to be played between devices, so long as only one device is playing at a single time. Players can add their friends from both their Switch and their mobile device, making the game entirely cross platform. This is how to add friends from across platforms in Pokémon Unite.

How To Add Friends On Different Platforms In Pokémon Unite

After players link their accounts via their Nintendo Online ID, they have the option to switch between their Switch and their Android or iOS devices. From either device, linked or not, players are assigned a unique Trainer ID in their Profile. From the main menu screen, players can either tap their player icon on the left on mobile devices or ZL on their Nintendo Switch to view their Trainer ID.

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The player’s Trainer ID is located both in their Profile and in their Trainer preview on the menu. Scrolling down from this menu is the Friends menu where players can add each other by searching for each other using their Trainer ID or Trainer Name. This will add players regardless of what platform they are on, making it possible to play together in Ranked, Standard, Quick, and Custom lobbies.

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