Pokemon Legends Arecus is a huge change from the core Pokemon formula. You aren’t leaving your home on an adventure the day you turn ten this time around, and there’s no gym to beat. Instead, you are taking a trip back in time to live in an era where people were still fearful of Pokemon.

Too many fans surprise, Pokemon Legends Arceus actually turned out to be an isekai. At the start of the game, you are shown a glowing light that asks you to choose your name and appearance. After you do so, you get teleported from the modern era to ancient Sinnoh.

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Surprisingly, the main character takes this transportation pretty well, despite the fact that Sinnoh looks entirely different. Time travel has been shown in the series before and was even a main point of the fourth Pokemon movie, Pokemon 4ever.

This also fits the theme of the region since the legendary Pokemon revered in it can control space and time. There is also the fact that the Pokemon Arceus is literally a god, making the entire situation even more plausible.

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