If you were wondering if Pathfinder: Wraith of the Righteous had turn-based combat, the answer is yes. It features two different styles of combat. These are turn-based and real-time with pause.

Pathfinder: Wraith of the Righteous allows you to freely switch between these two styles at any time. This means you can take combat as slowly or as quickly as you want. It also allows players to use the system they are most comfortable with and try the other.

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Turn-based combat is exactly how it sounds. You and the enemy will take turns moving units and using actions. This is especially useful for large-scale encounters where each move must be carefully considered. The real-time combat style means that as you move, so too do the enemy. This makes it harder to plan your actions. This mode does have a pause ability if you need to take a breather during combat. This mode is useful for lower-level encounters where you don’t need to think as critically.

You are free to use both systems and trying them both is a good way to determine which suits you better. You also have the option to select a battle style for each encounter as you may find that one fits certain encounter types better than the other. The developer, Owlcat Games, intends the game to balanced for both styles, so it comes down to preference.

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